HoraData in Healthcare


In healthcare, a good business is something which gives a high service quality and meet customer needs whilst remaining competitive. This target will be achieved by understanding, improvising operational process and identifying problems in machines quickly. That is why we here at LogFuze, treat our OEM customers real important and provide them with proactive customer services. Being a rookie, who had just stepped into the healthcare industry we offer an amazing service that is mentioned below.

Name of the solution: HoraData Healthcare IoT Monitoring and Compliances

Unexpected problems in devices are the sole reason for downtime caused in laboratories. It can cause distress to officials and quite a fortune if not taken seriously. Having said that there are times even with all precautionary measures undertaken machines are subjected to errors and problems. But it’s no longer a subject of worry as we have already have a solution in hand. Say a device is subjected to an error or malfunction which hinders its working state, a ticket is automatically generated and is sent to the third party customer support(help desk) of OEM, stating them with root cause of the error which reasons the problem so that the issue is sorted out at the earliest ultimately nullifying the downtime factor. We call this feature the HoraData Callhome As A Service.

How it works?

Laboratory maintenance is one of the vital factor when it comes to service in healthcare industry. When an instrument is operating, huge chunks of data is produced and in this case, the data generated are so critical that numerous lives are on the line depending on it. To collect these data from the device a small gadget called an IoT interface is embedded into the device. The work of this gadget is to collect all the data that is being generated in the device and push it to our cloud based HoraData analytics platform. This IoT interface works as a gateway here. The data received by HoraData are displayed as a ticket in real time to the customer service staffs of OEM with customized interface as per their wish. This data is summarized, providing insight to how the system is operating. So, the support staff are provided with an extended knowledge to get a clear picture of what’s happening with the instrument. This helps to spot trouble areas and rule in/rule out sources of error. HoraData also helps the product engineering team of the OEM to know about their shortcomings to work on and overcome it. Our key feature is, we will be providing you a third party integration with BI (i.e) dashboards. We also provide you with CRM and ERP, reports demanded by customers and alerts & analytics as per your wish.

Say an individual whose job is to rent out lab devices. Suppose, if he needs to know about the working state of his device we will help him have the feature of remote monitoring and auto diagnosis from wherever he is. This in turn helps in managing the performance of the devices. If there is any sign of an error a ticket with a detailed error certificate will be sent to the customer support team of the OEM and a corresponding alert will be notified to that particular individual by HoraData. Monitoring instrument performance to minimize downtime is no longer something you have to do to stay competitive, as it’s made simpler for you. Thus making the operation and maintenance easy and cost efficient.

Selecting the right compliance service expert for your equipment is important for the success and efficiency of your work. We offer a comprehensive approach that you can deploy with focuses on ensuring the integrity, accuracy and authenticity of your laboratory results. Our compliance services include calibration test to check wether the system is in a good working condition, the quality control test to know the range of analytes and the reagent utilization tests to keep a track of reagent expiration and it’s quantity for usage.

We take our service seriously and we are dedicated to provide you with a quality of services that will satisfy your needs and specifications thus, giving you happy clients and increasing your sales revenue.

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