Energy is generally defined as a capacity to do a work. The physicists say, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. According to a study by Grand View Research Inc, in 2022 the energy industry will have a global revenue of USD 58.59 billion on the cards. Hence, something of such importance should be valued with utmost care and monitored precisely.

 Knowing how much energy machines consume over long or short time can empower us to make smart decisions that helps to improve system performance, utilization and save costs. To be able to draw meaningful conclusions, this information needs to be accurate, reliable, and easy to access. Knowing how much energy has been consumed at any given moment it helps us to determine system resources to increase efficiency and manage them. When energy usage changes unexpectedly, this may indicate behavioral changes by the end user or problematic issues that need addressing.

LogFuze serves this market with a high accuracy monitoring solutions that includes analytics and report all the necessary parameters to understand energy consumption and system performance.

Remote Monitoring

The manufacturers generally face the challenge of managing a large base of equipment as some of the machines might fall into mishaps and there is the cumbersome task of making sure all the machines are in good condition for the sake of productivity. However, given today’s competitive environment, the manufacturers are in search of a solution for the challenges they have been facing.

Energy is obtained from a variety of sources in the industrial sector. Of the different forms of energy, electrical energy is considered the highest grade of usable energy for its quality and flexibility in transmission, distribution and convertibility with minimal losses and applicability on several end-use equipments.

For instance, generally in the industries, the electric power is supplied either by utility means or via diesel generators. The power is transmitted to the individual systems as they are delegated to carry out the work they are intended to. These systems usually play an important role in the process which in turn makes the consumption of electricity goes haywire due to constant increasing energy costs and giving rise to ecological burdens as well. To monitor the energy consumption, we install a sensors in the systems to extract the data we need. These data are then passed through an IoT gateway and is subjected to monitoring.

HoraData’s Remote monitoring is the process of monitoring the data that is been generated from the pre defined parameters of the machine. Since, the data is monitored in real time, any indication of failure, power deviation, short circuits. etc are foreseen and befitting actions will be taken. Thus the manufacturers are rid of the tension of keeping tabs on all of their machines in their base.

Data Science

According to US information Administration, energy consumption across the world will increase by 56% in 2040. As far as the industries are concerned, there will be times which might ask for high consumption of energy during the process. Hence, these industries generally want to use only the amount of energy needed for a specific purpose rather wasting surplus amount of energy in it. This is where the data science steps in. It acts like a sixth sense and analyses the history and trends of the production systems and it will be able to offer insights and analytics for the future, namely on energy loss, power failure, cost of energy consumption, allocation of work, end life prediction. etc. It’s key component is the ability to use only the amount of energy needed for each of the individual devices to satisfy the intended purpose. Therefore, the controlling the energy via a rational analysis is done by HoraData pro-actively. Data science can also be used to analyze breakdowns for individual machines. It ensures longevity for the equipment and make sure it is always being maintained in a predictable fashion by flagging variance in parameters that has been monitored. This allows for the operations team to plan things accordingly. This is also aided with cloud-based analytics to generate actionable insights with the help of dashboards and data analytics engines.

HoraData can yield you dramatic savings by highlighting areas of inefficiency so action can be taken. This can reduce the overall amount of energy used within industries, buildings, companies etc. which reduces the cost and the associated environmental impacts. Also, energy efficiency addresses concerns over the environmental impacts by concentrating on carbon footprint, climate change and rising energy prices while at the same time supporting economic growth. Out of this, carbon footprint and global warming has already created startling effects on our planet. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier and plant and animal ranges have shifted. This is why we provide the OEM’s and industries with predictive analytics for enabling smart insights for intelligent decision-making on energy efficiency to resist the havoc caused by the release of energy.

To help industries to manage better with their energy, LogFuze has developed energy monitoring with HoraData for the measurement and improvement of energy efficiency. Thus, enabling IoT devices to integrate with each other, it is possible to have an M2M communication. Once this is accomplished, the manufacturers are bereft of the tension of their machines falling into mishaps. Thus saving enormous time, money at the same time making easy decisions based on the energy profile.

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